The second PEYRONEL
family reunion !
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Photo album of the family reunions 2003
The Peyronel's trip in South America


Our cousin Juan-Carlos Peyronel who lives in Buenos-Aires has offered in July 2000 to take care of the organisation of a future meeting ... in Argentina !

Well ! What sounded at the time like a dream eventually happened since  

The second Peyronel family reunion (the "PEYRONELADA")
actually took place in 2003 from February 16th (meeting in Uruguay)
to February 21-23 (in Buenos-Aires)

Everything was well organized by our Argentinan and Uruguyan cousins and the two reunions, have been fully successful with their quitedifferent styles. These few days spent together gave to all participants, both Europeans and South-americans, much happiness and emotion. It was like a repetition of what we experienced during the first meeting in the Valleys in Italia in July 2000.

A group of near 30 european people took the opportunity to participate and had a wonderful experience:

"a superb trip in Argentina and Uruguay (and even in Brazil) which leaves in our minds plenty of hiighly colored pictures and another idea of warmth and affection unstinttingly given by our south-american cousins. We have an amazing feeling that our family has expanded suddenly, widely and irreversibly.
For the future, we hope to have new occasions to participate (and actively !) to such reunions ; we hope especially that younguer cousins will find enough interest to perpetuate this tradition which can bring only profitable things and above all, the happiness and delight of getting together again"
(Bernard et Noëlle Peyronel).

The reunion in Uruguay took place in Tarariras (Colonia department, south of Uruguay) lon sunday February 16th. As most Peyronel live in this part of the country, many of them (almost 200) could participate et for the small european group, it was a great emotion to be welcome with so much warmth by so many cousins.

Many thanks to Nilda and to the organisers and participants. !

La Fiesta en Uruguay
Due to the larger distances and the economical difficulties in thecountry , the argentinan reunion gathered somewhat less people, about sixty among which some families from Uruguay.

All Peyronel express a GREAT Than You to Juan-Carlos et Martha for the perfect organisation and for the work they have done for us

Ricuerdo de la Secunda reunion Peyronel

The meeting was organised as follows:

  • 1rst day (Friday 21 Feb.) : reception, diner and party at night. in a very warmful atmosphere, with an orchestra tango singer and dancers
  • 2nd day (Saturday 22 Feb.) : tour in Buenos Aires.
  • 3rd day (Sunday 23 Feb.) : country day with "asado" (typical barbecue) in a ranch located in San Antonio de Areco, about 100 kms in Buenos Aires area.
Photo de famille de la Peyronelada
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